My morals lie in the experience. Through art practice and travel I wish to engage in, explore and exploit experiences which allow me to feel the most human. I believe that this is a tool to surpass the temptations of excessive consumer culture, the villain which is placing so much strain on our planet. 

The ongoing process as art, and art as research. How can actions be tested through binaries and oppositions. Playfulness vs seriousness, destruction and preservation, nature vs nurture, learning and unlearning, histories or futures, absence and presence. Through the explorations of these boundaries, we are able to place ourselves in a position of a critical view. 

Research into mass production and histories of production are what inform many of my recent works, as well as the construction of community and society. Through playful participatory experiments I am able to explore my own interpretations and representations of power, labour and capitalism. Without being irreverent, I am discovering ways in which performance can unfold histories of greed and hegemony, often through subtle remarks and playful gestures.

I am discovering a journey through my surroundings, exploring it's materiality and quirks. Material culture undermines the understanding of our aesthetic experience and how it is determined by ‘things’.